Transpersonal Regression Therapy

Life is full of ups and downs and it’s meant to be so so that we can develop our ability to be happy. Yet we experience extreme levels of emotional & mental pain in different circumstances. Sometime this pain is beyond our logical understanding and we react as though we are not ourselves.

What if we tell you that we are really not ourselves during such moments and something else takes the charge of our personality? Transpersonal Regression Therapy works on finding these ‘another personality in charge’ so that they can be healed of they are clients own parts. The body through its physical cellular memory can show us the symptoms such triggered emotions can cause. Using these physical sensations and emotions as an anchor the client is helped to regress to the moment of origin where the root cause can be healed. This helps the clients current personality to come back in charge and respond to the situation in a balanced approach.

This works like a laser focused surgery and can bring a big shift in clients life just in one session. A varied issues can be addressed in this therapy such as:

Emotional patterns

Anxiety issues

Fears and phobias

Aches and pains in the body

Behavioural patterns

Negative thoughts and beliefs

Health issues

Improving confidence

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