Sound Healing

Sound healing is a process of healing and balancing the energies of one’s body through Sound.

Sound is a powerful medium of healing and has been used in many cultures since centuries ago. Sound, as a method of healing, mainly originates from Tibetan and Himalayan cultures. Sound healers mainly monks used Tibetan singing bowls, metal bowls, gongs in ceremonial healing and spiritual occasions.

Sound healing works on the energy body of the person. There is an energy body or aura of a person which is held in place through energy meridians or nadis and chakras.

Each chakra has a specific sound energy based on the frequency in which it rotates. When any chakra goes out of balance because of stuck emotions, or disrupted flow on energy in the energy body, the chakra gets blocked. This results in energy of the person going out of balance, which shows up as physical, mental or emotional issues in life.

Sound healing through Tibetan bowls, each of a different frequency helps to release this stuck energy and bring the energies of the person and hence the body in balance. Tuning forks, cattle bells, gongs are also used in the process.

Sound healing is used to treat almost all known emotional issues, health issues in the body and mental blocks. The number of sessions depends on the issue the client comes up with and the depth of the issue.


Benefit of sound healing

A session or a series of sessions can help any person in this manner

A deep relaxation and cleansing of energy body

To bring about a connect with the physical body

Reduces stress, anxiety, tension.

Balancing of the chakras and energy body

Helps regulate blood pressure, diabetes, sleep disorders.

Helps in overall spiritual well-being.

Clearing emotional blocks which impact the energies of a person

An understanding of his/her energy body and what creates the stuck feeling.

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