Sound Healing Certification

Sound Healing, in The Shoonya Space, is practiced based on the course at Kathmandu school of sound Healing in Nepal. The entire course has healing through various sound instruments like Tibetan Sound bowls, Tingsha, Tuning forks, Voice and instruments of Shamanism like cattle bells.

Basic Sound Healing Certification training

This involves, basics of Sound healing using a single Tibetan bowl and basic voice healing. This is mainly for personal use of sound healing and for a close group of people. The broad aspects included in the course are:

  • History of Sound Healing
  • Schools of sound healing
  • Using the Tibetan bowl
  • Space clearing and energy clearing
  • Using voice as tool of sound healing

Duration: 8 hours (over 2-3 days). Inclusive of Theory and Practicals.

Reiki level 1

This is a prerequisite for Advanced Sound Healing Training.

Advanced Sound Healing Certification training

This is a professional course with theory and practicals involved. This is a comprehensive course involving

  • Self healing to become more intuitive and connect to your innervoice
  • Tibetan Sound bowls training using 7 chakra bowls for specific diseases
  • Tuning fork training
  • Knowledge of chakras
  • Chakra scanning using bowls and pendulum
  • Healing chakras through sound.
  • Methods to combine Reiki and sound healing
  • Clearing of spaces and things (machines, open spaces, office spaces, homes)
  • Healing chakras through voice

This also includes professional training on counseling and how to handle clients.

  • Taking history
  • Identification of the issue
  • Cognitive counseling
  • Designing the sessions and follow up sessions

Duration: 40 hours (over 6-7 days) inclusive of Theory and Practicals.

Sound healing is used to treat almost all known emotional issues, health issues in the body and mental blocks. The number of sessions depends on the issue the client comes up with and the depth of the issue.


Benefits of sound healing

A session or a series of sessions can help any person in this manner

A deep relaxation and cleansing of energy body

To bring about a connect with the physical body

Reduces stress, anxiety, tension.

Balancing of the chakras and energy body

Helps regulate blood pressure, diabetes, sleep disorders.

Helps in overall spiritual well-being.

Clearing emotional blocks which impact the energies of a person

An understanding of his/her energy body and what creates the stuck feeling.

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