Clinical Hypnotherapy Certification

When one finds the beautiful gifts the connect with their subconscious mind has to offer them, they may want to become an expert to help other find the same connection. If you’re an individual who believes in the power of subconscious mind and would like to help people to find this beautiful way of life, sign up for the curriculum of Integrated Clinical Hypnotherapy and become a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist.

This is the curriculum offered by EKAA Training Institute of Hypnotherapy Pvt. Ltd. It is the first ISO certified Hypnotherapy institute and is affiliated to IMDHA (USA), EARTH, TASSO International (Germany), KHDA, IPHM, IACT and accepted in 37 countries.

Our therapist Gayatri Bari is a Certified EKAA Teacher. She teaches Level 1 across India and so you can start your journey with us to become a professional Clinical Hypnotherapist.

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