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Gayatri Bari

Founder at The Shoonya Space,, Reiki Grandmaster, Clinical Hypnotherapist, EKAA Trainer, Past Life Regression Therapist, Transpersonal Regression Therapist, Family Constellation Facilitator

One on one Reiki healing, Distance Reiki healing, Aura Scanning, Chakra Balancing, Reiki Training, Hypnotherapy, Clinical Hypnotherapy Training, Past Life Regression Therapy, Self-hypnosis Training, Guided Meditation Workshops, Spiritual Counseling, Relationship Counseling, Family Constellation Session, Tarot Consultation & Training

After completing her post graduation in life sciences, Gayatri worked in the same field for 5 years. During this time, she found her calling in empowering people. She learned Reiki for her personal purpose but she kept learning further and then became a Reiki Grandmaster. She then founded The Shoonya Space (formerly known as Grounded Gatherings), in 2014. With more than 10 years of experience of healings, she has worked diversely from successfully healing a severe kidney problem, backbone fracture to severe depression to name a few. She has trained more than 200 people who are practicing energy healing on personal or professional levels.

The Shoonya Space is the first of it’s kind in Aurangabad where they offer multiple modalities under one roof.

Gayatri also went on learning Clinical Hypnotherapy from EKAA, Integrated Clinical Hypnotherapy Foundation and now she is a certified Hypnotherapist and Past Life Regression Therapist, Certified Teacher for Hypnotherapy Level 1. She is first Clinical Hypnotherapist and trainer for the same in the city of Aurangabad.

She has completed her post graduation diploma in Transpersonal Regression Therapy from TASSO Institut, Netherlands and she is also a facilitator of Family and Systemic Constellation Therapy.

Apart from Aurangabad, their work is spread in different cities like Banglore, Hyderabad, Mumbai & Delhi.

Gayatri believes in involving her client during their healing sessions in a way that they develop a better understanding about their issues and themselves. She empowers them such that they become more confident in handling their situations and work on resolving them.

She also facilitates interactive awareness forums and various meditation workshops at her studio and in different cities as mentioned above.

Priya Nandkumar

PRIYA NANDKUMAR-Transpersonal Regression therapist, Sound and Voice Healer, Family Constellation Facilitator, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Reiki Grandmaster, Tarot Card reader

Priya Nandkumar is a psychic and an intuitive. Being a management graduate she worked in Corporate world for 4 years. She worked as an educator for 18 years. A personal loss of her mother, led her to explore her intuitive and psychic side for her own healing. Being drawn to it, she enhanced her learning by exploring different modalities.

She is a now a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist from EKAA Institute, a Transpersonal regression therapist from TASSO INSTITUUT Netherlands, a Reiki Grand master, a Family constellation facilitator and is a Sound Healer certified from Kathmandu Centre for Healing, Nepal. She trained under a third generation Shaman in Nepal for Healing through Tibetan bowls. She also teaches Reiki and Sound Healing. She specialises in a new modality to heal through one s own voice.

Her quest to enhance the general well being of students led her to studying her Masters in Psychology also. Since 2015, she has been working through different healing modalities with children as well as adults and works on the motto that “Everyone has the possibility of living life at their highest potential”.

With exploring different modalities, she is adept at mixing different modalities based on the client needs.

The Shoonya Space

The Shoonya Space is the first of its kind of healing services in the city of Aurangabad, MH. It was founded by Gayatri Bari in 2014 with an intention to offer multiple healing and therapeutic modalities under one roof. Starting with Reiki Healing and Training, she brought in different modalities to begin with Clinical Hypnotherapy. Following to this Priya Nandkumar joined in as a partner and they both started developing their skill sets with the same vision.

Today, The Shoonya Space is not only the leader in the region but also has their work span in India and worldwide, with many more modalities and services to help their client to the best.

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